Tunisian Internet Exchange Point


Short NameTunIXP Tunis
Organization TypeGovernmental
Member List URL
Looking glass URL
Media TypeEthernet
Managed By
OrganizationAgence Tunisienne d'Internet
CommentATI has been acting as an IXP since its creation in 1996, but has never been officially declared as such for reasons mainly linked to the regulatory framework and also to the old political regime in Tunisia.


  Status Name Version Subnet MLPA Peak Avg Min Participants Established Traffic page Traffic graph
Edit Deprecated TunIXP 1 IPv4 0 2011  
Edit Deprecated TunIXP 2 IPv4 84.5G 0 2011  
Edit Deprecated TunIXP 3 IPv4 9 2011  
Edit Deprecated TunIXP 4 IPv4 5 2011  
Edit Deprecated TunIXP 5 IPv4 1 2011  
Edit Active TunIXP v4 IPv4 5 2011  
Edit Active TuniXP v6 IPv6 2001:4350:3000:1::/64Unknown 5  

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  Location Description
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  Vendor Model Location
EditCiscoCisco CRS3
EditCiscoCisco 7609 and ASR9000

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